Benchmark Table

The safety culture benchmarking project is an initiative of Mine Safety Advisory Council (MSAC). The aim is to create a leading safety indicator and monitor industry progress towards its world-leading safety culture vision.

The WHS culture benchmarking and planning program has been designed to benchmark and monitor progress using a multi-method approach using several data collection tools. Its results enable mines to benchmark and monitor progress against:

  1. Industry baseline
  2. Individual historical baseline
  3. Selected benchmarking partners
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Resilient A score of more than 3.30 indicates a good level allowing for maintaining and continuing developments
Proactive A score of 3.00 to 3.30 points to a fairly good level with slight need of improvement
Active A score of 2.70 to 2.99 shows a fairly low level with need of improvement
Reactive A score of 2.40 to 2.70 indicates a low level with great need of improvement
Vulnerable A score below 2.4 indicates an extremely low level of performance with urgent need of improvement.